Slipper factory fire kills 31, dozens missing in Philippine capital

[These third world workers are literally burned to death for low-priced beach footwear. These types of fires are unfortunately common in the Philippines (and many other third world factories) due to a myriad of conditions including lax safety standards and poor construction. Capitalism only cares about profit, not people. There is a future where the... Continue Reading →

Maoist rebels say ready to resume peace talks in Philippines

[We wish them well in their fight against imperialism, but do not think they are a true communist organization led by science. And, we think that no good can come of peace treaties with the state - NP] MANILA, Dec 26 (Reuters) - Maoist-led guerrillas in the Philippines say they are ready to resume peace... Continue Reading →

Rights group: Police torture in Philippines rife

[Human rights is a joke under capitalism - NP] MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Amnesty International said Thursday that five years after the Philippines passed a law criminalizing torture, the practice continues, with an overstretched police force resorting to "shortcuts" to extract confessions from criminal suspects. The Philippine National Police has acknowledged violations persist but stressed... Continue Reading →

Philippines refuses to free 2 top communist rebels

[Imperialists and their agents acting in bad faith, typical. --NP] Philippines refuses to free 2 top communist rebels MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine officials said Sunday that they would not release two leaders of a violent rebel group fighting to overthrow the government, whose arrests were a serious blow to one of Asia's longest-running communist... Continue Reading →

Death, hunger, looting: Typhoon-ravaged Philippines’ state of national calamity

Death, hunger, looting: Typhoon-ravaged Philippines' state of national calamity (RT) In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, which left thousands dead, many more displaced and survivors battling for survival amid devastation and chaos, the Philippines has declared a state of national calamity to help restore order to the reeling nation. In a primetime television speech delivered... Continue Reading →

Philippine typhoon death toll could reach 10,000

[There is nothing natural about this disaster. Centuries of colonialism, feudalism, and underdevelopment have created a situation where the Filipino people are placed at the mercy of natural forces. Under capitalism, development is aimed at creating more capital for a small few. By contrast, socialist development aims to protect and serve the people, including protecting... Continue Reading →

Filipinos allege abuse in Saudi immigration crackdown

Filipinos allege abuse in Saudi immigration crackdownManila (AFP) - Thirty Filipino workers expelled from Saudi Arabia returned home Monday and alleged they were abused amid a crackdown on illegal migrants there.They were among an estimated 6,700 Filipino workers stranded in parts of the oil-rich Middle Eastern kingdom where an amnesty for undocumented foreigners ended over... Continue Reading →

PHILIPPINES: The son of a tribal leader opposing mining and another transport leader killed in separate incidents

[Recently, there has been a series of extra-judicial murders in the Philippines. These murders are politically-motivated attacks against activists. The reactionary regime in the Philippines serves the imperialists and their agents. The Old Power is the power of the First World, the imperialists, the compradors, the feudalists, and other reactionaries. The Old Power has a... Continue Reading →

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