Chilean President Imposes State of Emergency to Stop Wave of Resistance

[Huge protests have broken out in Chile, sparked by the recent increase in public transportation fares as students and other people can no longer afford to pay the high price for public transportation on their current wages. The Chilean President, Sebastian Piñera, has responded by declaring a State of Emergency and deploying military troops to... Continue Reading →

Chileans lie in street in memory of Pinochet-era missing

[The US-backed death-squad regime led by general Pinochet in Chile butchered thousands. Even today, the true number of the victims is not known. Under his regime, death squads and the military rounded up, murdered, and made anyone who questioned the regime vanish. The tragedy of Chile is one of many in the Third World. --... Continue Reading →

Deadly attack stokes Chile Mapuche conflict

[Indigenous peoples are still fighting colonization. Genocide since 1492... -- NP] Deadly attack stokes Chile Mapuche conflict VILCUN, Chile (AP) — The hooded men approached the ranch by night, scattering pamphlets about the death of a Mapuche Indian activist shot in the back by a policeman. The property belonged to an elderly couple who had... Continue Reading →

The United Fruit Co. by Pablo Neruda

The United Fruit Co. by Pablo Neruda When the trumpet sounded, it was all prepared on the earth, the Jehovah parcelled out the earth to Coca Cola, Inc., Anaconda, Ford Motors, and other entities: The Fruit Company, Inc. reserved for itself the most succulent, the central coast of my own land, the delicate waist of... Continue Reading →

Chile successfully exhumes body of poet Neruda

[The United States overthrew the social-democratic, nationalist regime of Salvador Allende in Chile. In its place, they established a fascist, death-squad dictatorship. Pinochet's dictatorship rounded up students, intellectuals, all who questioned the regime. It terrorized workers and peasants. The fascist coup was directly backed and controlled by US intelligence agencies. --NP] Chile successfully exhumes body... Continue Reading →

Chile: Couple dies defending home amid protests

[Class struggle is not always pretty. The reality of struggle can be much different than one imagines. Doing what is necessary is not always pretty.  -- New Power] Chile: Couple dies defending home amid protests By FEDERICO QUILODRAN (AP) SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — An elderly couple whose family's vast landholdings have long been targeted by... Continue Reading →

9/11 – Chile had it worse, America

9/11 - Chile had it worse, America by modernmarxist ( September 11th is a dark day in history for freedom, democracy, and equality. We’re not talking about the Trade Center. On September 11th, 1973, Chilean president Salvador Allende was ousted in a bloody coup by his reactionary military generals, Augusto Pinochet among them. This is... Continue Reading →

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