Israeli opposition leader wants to begin separating from Palestinians

[All Zionist political parties are fascist. The oppressor will never willingly stop oppressing, they must be brought to heel with force. -Uziel] Jerusalem (AFP) - Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog said Wednesday that no peace deal was possible for now and his country must begin unilaterally separating from the Palestinians "as much as possible" to... Continue Reading →


Israeli officials approve West Bank land expropriation

[Another sickening move by Israel, proving to the world that they have zero regard for the rights or lives of the Palestinian people.  While the United States verbally condemns the actions of the Zionists, it still unconditionally materially supports these butchers with financial, military, and diplomatic aid. -Uziel] JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's Ministry of Defense... Continue Reading →

Report: ISIS Beheads Senior Hamas Operative in Syria

[ISIS attacking the Palestinian movement - NP] ( By Ari Soffer Sheikh Abu Salah Taha believed to be among scores of Palestinians executed in Yarmouk; image of severed head posted online. Among the Palestinian Arab fighters beheaded by the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) in Damascus's Yarmouk camp was a senior Hamas figure in Syria, according... Continue Reading →

Hamas denounces EU decision to keep it on terror list

["Resistance is not terrorism." Of course the imperialists don't see it that way. -Uziel] Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - Hamas on Friday denounced a European Union decision to keep the Palestinian Islamist group and de facto Gaza Strip ruler on its terrorism blacklist, despite a court ordering its removal. "This decision completely contradicts the... Continue Reading →

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