Child marriages, trafficking will soar after Nepal quake

[Here we have another example of how natural disasters disproportionately devastate 3rd world peoples due to poverty and lack of infrastructure.  In the 1st world,  crimes like these following an earthquake would be unfathomable; yet this is the brutal reality of life for the global majority in the underdeveloped and impoverished parts of our planet. ... Continue Reading →

Back to slavery for Nepal’s poverty stricken farmworkers

[Revisionism is real. Prachanda's Maoists of Nepal have betrayed the revolution there. - NP] THEHE, Feb 27 (AFP)— When Nepal's Maoist-led government outlawed bonded labour in 2008 and promised to compensate victims, farmworker Hiralal Pariyar was elated to walk away from a life spent in virtual slavery. But the compensation never came, leaving a homeless... Continue Reading →

Five-party Maoist alliance likely today

[The left Maoist splinters don't really seem to have that many real differences with the reformist Prachanda. In the end, it is opportunism that has caused these splits, not fundamental principles. What will most likely happen is the Prachanda group will retain the central role, with some power sharing with the others. A real rotational... Continue Reading →

Nepal to send peacekeepers to Syria

[Nepal's state army has not only served in Afghanistan with the imperialist forces of occupation, but now they will be serving in Syria with the UN. This would not be particularly noteworthy except that the military of Nepal have been integrating Maoist military forces into their ranks since November 2011. Whatever their nominal mission, the... Continue Reading →

Prachanda says New Democracy isn’t possible

Prachanda says New Democracy isn’t possible ( It is being reported that chairman Prachanda of the UCPN(Maoist) has now stated that New Democracy is not possible in Nepal. He justified this by stating: “Things have undergone a sea change since the launch of the people´s war in 1996. We therefore have to adopt the policy... Continue Reading →

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