Cuban Doctors Head to South Africa to Help Fight COVID-19

[Cuba has long been a leader in Socialist medicine. They were the first to eliminate mother to child HIV transmission and have long considered health care to be a right. They continue this leadership role during the Covid-19 crisis. Despite being embargoed and having limited access to international goods, most notably pharmaceuticals, the nation has... Continue Reading →

Losses mount as South Africa faces biggest post-apartheid mine strike

[When the racist apartheid regime fell, there was no socialist revolution. Capitalism was retained in South Africa. The African masses remain exploited and oppressed. It is not enough to reform capitalism, to replace white capitalism with black capitalism. Revolution, all the way to Leading Light Communism, is the only solution. --NP] Losses mount as South... Continue Reading →

S Africa police boss endorses officers in killings

S Africa police boss endorses officers in killings By NQOBILE NTSHANGASE (AP) MARIKANA, South Africa (AP) — South Africa's police chief said Tuesday she stands by her statement praising officers involved in the shooting massacre of 34 striking miners and insisting they were "just doing your work." Evidence before the judicial commission questioning her Tuesday... Continue Reading →

South African whites earn 6 times more than blacks

[Marx, Engels, Lenin, and other classic authors all began to write about the bourgeoisification of segments of the workers. The Leading Light with its global class analysis reached new scientific heights. Even after years of rule by African politicians, Africans are still suffering gross inequalities. Even tough apartheid has been technically eliminated, it still casts... Continue Reading →

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