‘Pacifist’ Japan Re-Militarizes

[ Despite its pledges of pacifism following World War II, Japan has been re-arming itself in recent years. While its government claims that it is responding to the supposed "threat" of China and North Korea, Japan acts as an extension of US imperialism in the region. As communists, we should see this rearmament for what... Continue Reading →

Prayer for rain, water rations: Catalonia struggles with drought

["Are you there God? It's me, your Comrade." As the climate crisis begins to catch up with us, is the Divine the only thing that can save us? There is no political program currently in power with the ability or willingness to stop the destruction of our Mother Earth. The Imperialist-Capitalist system has been handed... Continue Reading →

A ‘New Pink Tide’ in Latin America

[ Recently, many social-democratic politicians have been elected across Latin America. As the article below discusses, some are calling this the return of a “Pink Tide” in the region, signaling a popular rejection of US influence and dissatisfaction with the neoliberal status quo. The new leaders are a mixed bag. Some are more progressive, with... Continue Reading →

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