US: Panama sent ex-CIA officer to US, not Italy

[Surprise, surprise. The United States got its way. The CIA criminal is coming home rather than going to trial in Italy. -- NP] US: Panama sent ex-CIA officer to US, not Italy SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) -- A fugitive former CIA base chief detained in Panama this week was being sent to the United... Continue Reading →

Panama holds ex-CIA officer in rendition

[Update, spoke to soon. It is now reported that the United States has the prisoner. Panama bowed to Uncle San.. no surprise there. -- NP] [Chickens come home to roost -- NP] Panama holds ex-CIA officer in rendition PANAMA CITY (AP) -- A former CIA base chief convicted in the 2003 abduction of a terror... Continue Reading →

Keep Corporate Hands Off Panama

Keep Corporate Hands Off Panama ( Violent protests have been sparked by recent decisions by the Panamanian government to sell land in part of the duty-free Colon area of the Panama Canal. The protests were sparked by a new law that was passed, but then as pressure from the street mounted, it is now reported... Continue Reading →

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