Speedboats & Helicopter Assault: Iran Shows Footage of British Tanker Seizure

[In response to the seizure of an Iranian oil tanker near the Strait of Gibraltar by British forces, Iran has seized two British oil tankers, one of which has already been released. The one currently being held, the Stena Impero, is British-flagged, and Iran claims that the tanker failed to observe international maritime regulations in... Continue Reading →


Too Many Africans?

[The article below details how environmental destruction, poverty, and economic crises are rooted in the imperialist nations' problems of overconsumption and unequal wealth distribution. The neo-Malthusian narrative about "useless eaters" and that the world has an "overpopulation" problem is beneficial to the capitalist class because when all focus and blame is shifted away from the... Continue Reading →

Onward Towards 2017! A New Year’s Message

Onward Towards 2017! A New Year’s Message Onward Towards 2017! (December, 2016) from LLCO.org A New Year’s message from the Director-General. The past year has been the most eventful, and arguably the most important on record for the Leading Light Communist Organization. In 2016 we suffered many setbacks, both minor and major. We were beset... Continue Reading →

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