Washington’s Russiagate Conspiracy Theory on Life Support

[Despite having no evidence, the conspiratorial notion that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. elections continues to be pushed by the Democratic Party which refuses to accept the fact that Hillary Clinton legitimately lost. Now, there are some new developments in the “Russian bot” debacle which involve two firms: one of them is New Knowledge,... Continue Reading →


Myanmar’s Rohingya Could Be The World’s Next Major Refugee Crisis

[The struggle continues for Myanmar's oppressed Rohingya people.  More concerns are raised following the recent electoral victory of Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party, an election in which 1 million Rohingya were not allowed to participate.  Earlier this year we re-posted an interesting article on this topic from New Eastern Outlook that demonstrates a... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Bernie Sanders

[This is nothing new. Social-democrats have always attacked the proletariat. They have a long history of supporting imperialist war. The thing is that Sanders' politics are reflective of middle America, working America.  It is not just the richest in America who are imperialist, the American population itself is. So Bernie Sanders is exactly what we... Continue Reading →

Leftist declared winner in Salvador’s election

[Latin America continues to elect regimes that are social-democratic and more independent of imperialism. Even so, we must understand that revolution is not simply a reform of current institutions. Revolution means a total break with the Old Power. It means rebuilding all of society, replacing Old Power with New Power. New Socialism and Leading Light... Continue Reading →

Kerry: US, EU will react if Crimea annexed

[The USA and EU supported the overthrow of the Ukrainian government by a coalition of liberal and fascist forces. Russia was on the other side of the conflict. Although threats are being exchanged, the conflict will not lead to military conflict. At most, sanctions will be applied against Russia. A political settlement is far more... Continue Reading →

Syrian parliament approves new election law

[The imperialists aim to weaken Syria whether the regime there institutes reforms or not. Despite their rhetoric, the imperialists are not concerned with democracy. They are concerned with protecting their interests. They aim to extend their own influence by extending the influence of the Gulf states and Israel against Iran. The imperialists seek power and... Continue Reading →

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