Global warming may have fueled Somali drought

[Capitalism is irrational from the standpoint of balancing ecological and human needs. Instead, communities are not planned in harmony with the natural world nor are poor communities protected from such disasters. This irrationality is part of what Karl Marx called the anarchy of the capitalist mode of production. The reason that poor people lose their... Continue Reading →

US military behind Africa news websites

[Psywar and culture war are very real.  The imperialists are seeking to dominate the web, which is more and more important in terms of public opinion. There will be more and more of these imperialist online media outlets in the future. -- New Power] US military behind Africa news websites By JASON STRAZIUSO (AP) NAIROBI,... Continue Reading →

US kills more Africans with drones

US kills more Africans with drones ( According to a recent report: “The Friday attack took place near Ras Kamboni town in the Badhaadhe district of Lower Juba region near the border with Kenya, a Press TV correspondent reported. In a similar incident late on Thursday, a US done attack killed 22 in Kudhaa Island... Continue Reading →

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