US to seek ways to continue helping hunt for Kony

[The United States is still using Kony as its bogeyman in order to extend its presence, both militarily and economically, into Africa. The United States and other imperialists have killed far more, done more damage, than Kony. This is yet another imperialist smokescreen. Kony 2012 was a psywar campaign aimed at generating support for imperialist... Continue Reading →

Armed & Bailed: US ‘Blackwater’ mercs pay crimes with fines

A recent report from Russia Today states: "Department of Justice is letting a contractor away with a fine despite it being charged with arms smuggling and other crimes. The group formerly known as Blackwater must now fork out over seven and a half million dollars to avoid criminal prosecution." Although the Russia Today report makes... Continue Reading →

The US Plan to Destabilize Sudan

It was July 9, 2011 that South Sudan became independent from Sudan. This was and is part of a long war waged against Africa, and the Sudan, by the imperialists. The CIA, the John Kerry-wing of US imperialism, etc  were the biggest backers of the so-called independence movement. The case of South Sudan is one... Continue Reading →

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