Federal Court Gives Go-Ahead for Africans to Sue Nestle in U.S. over Slave Labor Claims

Nestle is facing allegations that it used cocoa plantations in Africa that employed slave labor. (allgov.com) Three residents of Mali sued Nestle USA in U.S. federal court in 2009 claiming they were forced as children to work without pay and were abused at Ivory Coast plantations that supplied Nestle with cocoa. They brought their case... Continue Reading →

French defense minister visits northern Mali

[The imperialists continue to carve up Africa. They do so under the banners of so-called "peace keeping" and "democracy." The imperialists are the reason Africa has the problems of poverty and instability. To invite the imperialists in is allowing the fox into the hen house. -- NP] French defense minister visits northern Mali By BABA... Continue Reading →

US Senators McCain, Whitehouse visit Mali

[The new scramble for Africa is on.. oh wait.. the imperialist scramble never really ended. The United States is getting in on the action. --NP] US Senators McCain, Whitehouse visit Mali By BABA AHMED (AP) BAMAKO, Mali (AP) — United States Sens. John McCain and Sheldon Whitehouse arrived in Mali's capital, Bamako, Tuesday for a... Continue Reading →

French army continues strikes in northern Mali

[Imperialists continue their new scramble for Africa. --NP] French army continues strikes in northern Mali By THOMAS ADAMSON (AP) PARIS  — France's Defense Ministry has said the country's military forces continued aerial strikes in northern Mali, just a few hours after a visit to the country by President Francois Hollande. French troops bombarded Islamist sites... Continue Reading →

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