Government burns down slum, 50,000 displaced in Nigeria

[For many years the LLCO has been discussing the growth of slums across the world. The migration of the oppressed from the countryside to the city has created a new set of challenges for Communists as the majority of the world's population now lives in urban centers. In Nigeria the government has decided that these... Continue Reading →

Nigeria paying $800 million to oil suppliers to end crisis

[The current energy crisis in Nigeria is a prime example of how the parasitism of the first world works on underdeveloped countries. Nigeria is able to extract and export crude oil, but can't afford to buy back the finished product that is refined in the developed countries.  This type of uneven exchange isn't just limited... Continue Reading →

Scientist: Cassava disease spread at alarming rate

[Under socialism,  under the New Power, under Leading Light Communism, such a food crisis would not exist. Food production would be organized scientifically to serve the people, not to serve profit. Under the New Power, diverse food reserves would be stockpiled to avoid such disasters. In addition, populations would not be so dependent on one... Continue Reading →

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