A History of John McCain’s Calls for War

[On August 25th, 2018, Senator and former U.S. Republican Presidential candidate John McCain died at the age of 81; he was diagnosed with brain cancer last year on July 2017. Given the current climate of identity politics in the Trump Era, “anti-war” liberals have gone as far as to rehabilitate once-widely reviled war criminals such... Continue Reading →

And so it begins: US Attack on Yemen

[It appears in our short absence the US has engaged in direct, open missile strikes in Yemen.  Yemen has been under covert American attack for years. Where drones circle the skies waiting to rain death on life. However, this skirmish is different. Already the Pentagon is talking about standing tough, and further engagements. Let's hope... Continue Reading →

Taliban likens US Afghan role to Vietnam War

[The Taliban are fighting the imperialist occupation of their country. Although the Taliban are reactionary in many ways, they are defeating the armies of imperialism. Recently, the Taliban have stated they will not roll back women's rights in a post-occupation Afghanistan. Mao said women hold up half the sky. Fighting imperialism without women is like... Continue Reading →

May 19, a day of heroes

May 19, a day of heroes (new-power.org) Today, May 19th, we celebrate the lives of two heroes of the anti-imperialist struggle. We celebrate the birth of Malcolm X, one of the greatest leaders of the Black liberation struggle against the United States. Although not a communist, Malcolm X was an important freedom fighter who stood... Continue Reading →

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