Khrushchev’s Revisionism

[We are posting this article to give the reader an idea of the complexity of the situation the Soviet Union faced at the end of the Second World War, with the advent of the Cold War. Although this article does not delve into the liberalization of the economy that began under Khruschev, it does examine... Continue Reading →

U.S. builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria: Kurdish report

[As Leading Lights we believe the Kurdish people have a right to defend themselves.  It is unfortunate that they are opening their doors to the worst imperialist offenders to do so. No doubt the United States will use these air bases to combat Assad and push its greedy interests in the region.  For more in... Continue Reading →

Putin Disses Lenin

[Many revisionists confuse Russian imperialism and socialism. Some of these revisionists see Putin's authoritarianism and Russian nationalism as anti-imperialism or even socialism, the reality is very different. -NP] Putin Disses Lenin BY MASHA LIPMAN (The New Yorker) As Russia’s military escalation in eastern Ukraine continued last week, Vladimir Putin found time to visit the Seliger... Continue Reading →

Short Video on History vs Lenin

[Don't agree with 100% on the part on Stalin. The video falls into liberal Trotskyist cliches without much evidence. If Stalin were put on trial, he too would be found not guilty. Leading Lights like Lenin and Stalin lived through very difficult times. They had to face challenges that few leaders ever do. They led... Continue Reading →

Nepal to send peacekeepers to Syria

[Nepal's state army has not only served in Afghanistan with the imperialist forces of occupation, but now they will be serving in Syria with the UN. This would not be particularly noteworthy except that the military of Nepal have been integrating Maoist military forces into their ranks since November 2011. Whatever their nominal mission, the... Continue Reading →

CIA “rebels”: MEK revisionists in the news

[The Mujahedeen-e-Khal is a revisionist organization that claims to uphold socialism, but works for the CIA. They have a long history of working with the CIA by committing acts of sabotage and terrorism for the CIA and Mossad against the Iranian regime. They have a history of sabotaging Iran's nuclear facilities, assassinating scientists and intellectuals,... Continue Reading →

Colombia rebels opaque heading into talks

[Learn from history. "Without the people's army, the people have nothing." Leading Lights of the past, just as the Leading Light today, teach that revolution is not simply about changing the personnel in the government. Rather, it is about smashing the Old Power, including the old state, while simultaneously creating New Power. The current state... Continue Reading →

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