The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology

[It is becoming more clear that the neoliberal globalist phase of capitalism -- with the American Empire as the world-dominating force that holds a monopoly over global markets -- is entering a new phase of competition between rival power blocs. Namely, in the field of advanced wireless technology, this power struggle is between the United... Continue Reading →

Microsoft deletes ‘teen girl’ AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours

[Typical. Predictable. - NP] ( by Helena Horton A day after Microsoft introduced an innocent Artificial Intelligence chat robot to Twitter it has had to delete it after it transformed into an evil Hitler-loving, incestual sex-promoting, 'Bush did 9/11'-proclaiming robot. Developers at Microsoft created 'Tay', an AI modelled to speak 'like a teen girl', in order to... Continue Reading →

RedHack Hacks Turkish Power Distribution System & Deletes $650k Debt of Soma region

[Awesome.. -NP] ( The famous Turkish hacker team ‘Redhack’ announced hacking into power administration system and canceling 1.5 million liras (approx. 650K US dollars) of electricity bills to be paid to Soma Electricity Production company. Soma is a district recently noted for a historic massacre of 301 mine workers, and now struggling with destruction of... Continue Reading →

Senate panel doubles money for Israel’s Iron Dome

[USA bankrolling the genocide against the Palestinians. Typical imperialism. -- NP] Senate panel doubles money for Israel's Iron Dome WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. Senate panel has backed a defense spending bill that would double the amount of money for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system. The move by the Appropriations defense subcommittee comes as... Continue Reading →

US contractors profiled ‘Cuban Twitter’ responses

[Private spooks illegally spying using social networking.. NP] US contractors profiled 'Cuban Twitter' responses As part of a program shrouded in secrecy to build a "Cuban Twitter" on the Communist-governed island, Cambronero profiled Cuban cellphone users, categorizing them as "pro-revolution," ''apolitical" or "anti-revolutionary." The social media network, paid for by the U.S. Agency for International... Continue Reading →

Report: NSA maps pathway into computers

[The imperialists improve their science of oppression every month.. revolutionary scientists must match them. If we stay stuck in dogma, the masses will never win. -- NP] Report: NSA maps pathway into computers WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Security Agency has implanted software in nearly 100,000 computers around the world — but not in the... Continue Reading →

Africans say growth has not improved their lives

[Capitalist and technological "development" has not improved the standard of living for Africans. Capitalist "development" is really just underdevelopment. Capitalist "development" in today's world is about securing and increasing First World, imperial privilege. The people of the Third World suffer in order for the First World to thrive. -- NP] Africans say growth has not... Continue Reading →

Brazil looks to break from US-centric Internet

Brazil looks to break from US-centric Internet RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil plans to divorce itself from the U.S.-centric Internet over Washington's widespread online spying, a move that many experts fear will be a potentially dangerous first step toward fracturing a global network built with minimal interference by governments. President Dilma Rousseff ordered a... Continue Reading →

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