Nicaragua’s Sandinista Revolution Is Still Thriving, After 40 Years

[Recently, the people of Nicaragua took to the streets to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution which overthrew the right-wing dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza in 1979, and also to celebrate the defeat of a US-backed coup against the Sandinista government last year in 2018. Despite recent US sanctions enacted against Nicaragua with US... Continue Reading →

The New American Crusade in Uganda

[With the failure of Western Christian Evangelicals and Dominionists to impose their arch-reactionary social agenda on the Western imperialist nations they have turned their eyes towards the Third World and Uganda in particular. By taking advantage of the poor education of the oppressed and with huge amounts of cash, groups like the Missouri, US based... Continue Reading →

Mexico raids seized campuses, battle protesters

[Everyone deserves a good education and a decent job. Capitalism is a system that is designed for profit, not people. Under socialism, by contrast, society is organized to empower the poor. Serve the people. Society is organized by the principles of revolutionary science, Leading Light Communism. Over and over, we see people starve. Farmers can't... Continue Reading →

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