Russia’s Advancing Multipolarity In Africa Through Mozambique

[This article is interesting as it highlights the challenges that African countries face in regard to their independence and development in the modern era as well as the role of Russia in organizing a world order that is not dominated by US imperialism. First of all, countries such as Mozambique face violence from armed opposition... Continue Reading →

France pushing EU to fund military interventions

[The new scramble for Africa is on. Imperialist powers are seeking to reconquer Africa under the guise of peacekeeping and anti-terrorism. --NP] France pushing EU to fund military interventions PARIS (AP) — France is pushing its European partners this week to create a fund to pay for overseas military interventions, like the operation France is... Continue Reading →

US to seek ways to continue helping hunt for Kony

[The United States is still using Kony as its bogeyman in order to extend its presence, both militarily and economically, into Africa. The United States and other imperialists have killed far more, done more damage, than Kony. This is yet another imperialist smokescreen. Kony 2012 was a psywar campaign aimed at generating support for imperialist... Continue Reading →

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