Too Many Africans?

[The article below details how environmental destruction, poverty, and economic crises are rooted in the imperialist nations' problems of overconsumption and unequal wealth distribution. The neo-Malthusian narrative about "useless eaters" and that the world has an "overpopulation" problem is beneficial to the capitalist class because when all focus and blame is shifted away from the... Continue Reading →


Report Shows Corporations and Bolsonaro Teaming Up to Destroy the Amazon

[This is terrible news for all life on Earth. The continued and accelerating destruction of the Amazon will have a catastrophic environmental impact for the entire planet, not just within the country of Brazil. It should be clear to every sane person that the greed of capitalism is driving humanity towards an ecological apocalypse. Half-measures... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Matthew: Caribbean in the Cross-hairs!

[As Hurricane Matthew gains strength it is important to remember how these extreme weather events caused by global warming effect people from Third World nations.  Many have expressed concern for Haiti in particular. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It has been the victim of the most US military interventions in history.... Continue Reading →

The Storm That Will Unfreeze the North Pole

by Robinson Meyer (the Atlantic) The sun has not risen above the North Pole since mid-September. The sea ice—flat, landlike, windswept, and stretching as far as the eye can see—has been bathed in darkness for months. But later this week, something extraordinary will happen: Air temperatures at the Earth’s most northernly region, in the middle... Continue Reading →

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