Onward Towards 2017! A New Year’s Message

Onward Towards 2017! A New Year’s Message Onward Towards 2017! (December, 2016) from LLCO.org A New Year’s message from the Director-General. The past year has been the most eventful, and arguably the most important on record for the Leading Light Communist Organization. In 2016 we suffered many setbacks, both minor and major. We were beset... Continue Reading →

Europe’s migration crisis claims another 46 lives in Aegean

[A tragic end to another story about people fleeing the violence in Syria, that can in large part be blamed on NATO and its imperialist cohorts. The imperialist governments then have the gall to complain about refugees seeking a safer existence within their boarders.  It is truly a shameful display of moral bankruptcy. -Uziel] ATHENS,... Continue Reading →

Be afraid, exultant Greek neo-Nazis warn rivals

[As the economic crisis continues, First World countries will see a revival of fascist movements as the bourgeoisified working class of these countries looks for scapegoats and radical solutions to their falling status. In the USA, there is the Minutemen, Tea Party, and the populist wing of Occupy. In France, the National Front has gained... Continue Reading →

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