How myths and stereotypes colour rape sentencing in India

[Mao said that "Women hold up half of heaven!" Women are the world's majority. To rape anyone is to commit a horrible crime. To commit rape or sexual assault is to rob someone of their very soul. The women's struggle is an important one as it hits close to home for all. All comrades should... Continue Reading →

Child marriages, trafficking will soar after Nepal quake

[Here we have another example of how natural disasters disproportionately devastate 3rd world peoples due to poverty and lack of infrastructure.  In the 1st world,  crimes like these following an earthquake would be unfathomable; yet this is the brutal reality of life for the global majority in the underdeveloped and impoverished parts of our planet. ... Continue Reading →

At the coal face: Mineral processing factory in Bangladesh where the women do all the hard work

( A photo essay of the tremendous oppression of women in Bangladesh, where capitalism intersects with patriarchy: Dusty days work: The women at the coal processing plant in Munshiganj, Bangladesh, sort through the waste coal using a giant sieve : Still smiling: Despite working long hours doing back breaking work, this coal worker happily offers... Continue Reading →

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