Brazil launches raids to oust illegal miners from Indigenous land

[Capitalism is a monster that will suck Mother Earth dry of all her resources, leaving our planet in a toxic wasteland. It values nothing but generating profits and hoarding wealth in the hands of a few. It will do this at all costs. It has no respect for laws or life! The protection of the... Continue Reading →

Brazil airlifts starving Yanomami tribal people from jungle

[As Lula fights to purge the attempted right-wing coup perpetrators from the Brazilian government, we are learning more about the abuses and human rights violations towards the Yanomami people under Jair Bolsonaro. The indigenous people of Brazil have been systematically poisoned by mining and subjected to deforestation in Brazil. This amounts to genocide against our... Continue Reading →

From the Lead Years to the Talcum Years

(Above) President Jair Bolsonaro, by the School of Samba Vigário Geral in the parade of Carnival 2020, in allusion to the Brazilian clown ‘Bozo’. Very appropriate. By Rivaldo Cardoso Melo Fifty-six years ago, on April 1, 1964 a coup d'état in Brazil installed a fascist regime that pledged to combat corruption and the “Red Threat”... Continue Reading →

US sending ‘spoiled food’ and ‘expired medicine’ as aid – Venezuelan ambassador

[Recently the Venezuelan government has rightfully rejected the U.S.-backed “humanitarian aid” convoys’ attempts to infiltrate the country through the Colombian and Brazilian borders. These convoys are nothing more than ‘Trojan Horses’, and pretexts for a U.S.-led military invasion against the country. They are also deliberate provocations against Venezuela, for the convoys are carrying anti-Maduro right-wing... Continue Reading →

Onward Towards 2017! A New Year’s Message

Onward Towards 2017! A New Year’s Message Onward Towards 2017! (December, 2016) from A New Year’s message from the Director-General. The past year has been the most eventful, and arguably the most important on record for the Leading Light Communist Organization. In 2016 we suffered many setbacks, both minor and major. We were beset... Continue Reading →

Palestine’s First Western Embassy Opens in Brazil

Palestine's First Western Embassy Opens in Brazil ( The inauguration comes weeks after Brazil rejected Israel's ambassador, a former leader of West Bank settlers. The Palestinian Authority inaugurated its first embassy in the Western Hemisphere in Brasilia Wednesday amid a diplomatic row between Brazil and Israel. Representatives of Arab countries and Arab Brazilians attended the... Continue Reading →

Brazilian nominates Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize

Brazilian nominates Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize (AP) BRASILIA, Brazil  — A Brazilian senator has nominated National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. Sen. Vanessa Grazziotin heads the Senate panel investigating U.S. espionage in Brazil. She says in a Tuesday statement that Snowden's revelations contribute to a more "stable and... Continue Reading →

Brazil leader slams alleged Canadian spying

[O Canada! Imperialist cyber-attacks against Latin America. --NP] Brazil leader slams alleged Canadian spying Brasília (AFP) - President Dilma Rousseff on Monday hit out at alleged Canadian spying on Brazil's Mining and Energy Ministry, demanding that the United States and its allies stop such practices. She said on her Twitter account that revelations aired by... Continue Reading →

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