The Woman Protecting America That Nobody Knows

[First Worldist feminism advances or seeks to advance the position of First World women (Whites, Blacks, Gay, Straight, Transgendered, etc.) at the expense of Third World peoples. Below is a good example. Once a "boy's club," offices like the CIA's National Clandestine Service, can be hailed as oh-so-progressive because it is now headed by a... Continue Reading →

A Global Crime Spree — What’s NATO Ever Done?

A Global Crime Spree What’s NATO Ever Done? by JOHN LaFORGE (Source: Counterpunch) Wondering why anyone would confront NATO’s summit in Chicago this month? A look at some of its more well-known crimes might spark some indignation. Desecration of corpses, indiscriminate attacks, bombing of allied troops, torture of prisoners and unaccountable drone war are a... Continue Reading →

May Day into Loyalty Day

May Day into Loyalty Day ( According to Wiki: "[Loyalty Day] was made an official holiday by the U.S. Congress on July 18, 1958 (Public Law 85-529).[4][5] Following the passage of this law, President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed May 1, 1959 the first official observance of Loyalty Day. [6] With the exception of Eisenhower in... Continue Reading →

On May Day and Occupy in the USA

On May Day and Occupy in the USA (  On the first of May, many people celebrate International Workers’ Day or May Day. Even though the day has not always been widely celebrated in the United States, its origins trace back to labor struggles there. May Day commemorates the victims of the Haymarket Massacre in... Continue Reading →

G8 moved in face of planned protests

G8 moved in face of planned protests ( Both NATO and the G8 were to be held in Chicago, USA in the month of May. These summits were the focus of many protests. Many forces planned to gather in Chicago that month. The forces that would make up such protests are diverse. They range from... Continue Reading →

Orientation toward Occupy

Orientation toward Occupy 


The Occupy protests continue to dwindle in the Unites States. This is expected. The weather has played a role. It is harder to organize in the winter. The police repression has played a role. The inability of the Democrats to fully co-opt Occupy  has resulted in Occupiers losing their status as... Continue Reading →

Who are the one percent?

Who are the one percent? ( This is an interesting poster we found online at We do not know who made it, but we like the sentiment. The numbers aren't exactly correct. Most Americas fall within the top 10% globally, almost all fall within the top 15%. Now, change will come from the bottom... Continue Reading →

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