Cuban Doctors Head to South Africa to Help Fight COVID-19

[Cuba has long been a leader in Socialist medicine. They were the first to eliminate mother to child HIV transmission and have long considered health care to be a right. They continue this leadership role during the Covid-19 crisis. Despite being embargoed and having limited access to international goods, most notably pharmaceuticals, the nation has... Continue Reading →

Fidel Castro, Leader of Cuban revolution, passes away

Fidel Castro, Leader of Cuban revolution, passes away From On Friday the 25th of November, 7pm local time, Fidel Castro, the former leader of Cuba, passed away. Fidel Castro served as the leader of Cuba from 1959 to 2008, when he stepped down due to health issues and his advanced age.  Fidel Castro was... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Matthew: Caribbean in the Cross-hairs!

[As Hurricane Matthew gains strength it is important to remember how these extreme weather events caused by global warming effect people from Third World nations.  Many have expressed concern for Haiti in particular. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It has been the victim of the most US military interventions in history.... Continue Reading →

U.S. Secretly Infiltrated Cuba’s Hip-Hop Scene To Spark Anti-Government Movement: Report

by By DESMOND BUTLER, MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN, LAURA WIDES-MUNOZ and ANDREA RODRIGUEZ HAVANA (AP) — A U.S. agency's secret infiltration of Cuba's underground hip-hop groups scene to spark a youth movement against the government was "reckless" and "stupid," Sen. Patrick Leahy said Thursday after The Associated Press revealed the operation. On at least six occasions, Cuban... Continue Reading →

US contractors profiled ‘Cuban Twitter’ responses

[Private spooks illegally spying using social networking.. NP] US contractors profiled 'Cuban Twitter' responses As part of a program shrouded in secrecy to build a "Cuban Twitter" on the Communist-governed island, Cambronero profiled Cuban cellphone users, categorizing them as "pro-revolution," ''apolitical" or "anti-revolutionary." The social media network, paid for by the U.S. Agency for International... Continue Reading →

Cuba demands US cease ‘covert actions’

Cuba demands US cease 'covert actions' Havana (AFP) - Cuba demanded Friday that the United States cease its "illegal and covert actions" against the communist country following disclosures Washington set up a Twitter-style application there. The White House on Thursday acknowledged the existence of the social media scheme but denied it was secret or intended... Continue Reading →

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