Palestine’s First Western Embassy Opens in Brazil

Palestine's First Western Embassy Opens in Brazil ( The inauguration comes weeks after Brazil rejected Israel's ambassador, a former leader of West Bank settlers. The Palestinian Authority inaugurated its first embassy in the Western Hemisphere in Brasilia Wednesday amid a diplomatic row between Brazil and Israel. Representatives of Arab countries and Arab Brazilians attended the... Continue Reading →

Flooding in Asia displaces millions; death toll rising rapidly

[Once again we see evidence of how severe weather patterns, which could be linked to global climate change, are disproportionately punishing the poor in the 3rd world. What would amount to simple property damage in most 1st world countries, becomes a large death toll in the poorer areas of the world which lack the proper... Continue Reading →

Mansoon kills in Pakistan and India

[As we have said many times, "natural" disasters are not entirely natural. They are a result of poor development. They are a result of centuries of neglect resulting from imperialism, capitalism, and feudalism. There is no reason that anyone should die from "natural" disasters anymore. The social planning and technology exists to prevent any deaths... Continue Reading →

US drone strike kills 16 suspected militants in northwest Pakistan

[More death from above. Democrats protest Bush's extra-judicial incarcerations. Why do Democrats go silent on Obama's extra-judicial assassinations and murders via drone strikes? Democrats are not really about peace. Both the Democrats and Republicans are imperialist war parties. -- NP] US drone strike kills 16 suspected militants in northwest Pakistan (Canadian Press) PESHAWAR, Pakistan -... Continue Reading →

Afghan students denounce Israel over Gaza fighting

Afghan students denounce Israel over Gaza fighting By RAHIM FAIEZ (AP) KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Several thousand university students demonstrated in eastern Afghanistan on Monday to denounce Israel's recent offensive in the Gaza Strip, burning Israeli and U.S. flags as well as a Christian cross. The students — some shouting "Death to Israel!" and "Death... Continue Reading →

Pakistani Islamists protest over NATO supply routes

Pakistani Islamists protest over NATO supply routes (AFP) Thousands of Pakistani Islamists opposed to the country's anti-terror alliance with Washington converged on Islamabad on Monday after a "long march" to protest over the reopening of NATO supply routes to Afghanistan. Around 15,000 protestors gathered outside the Pakistani parliament to chant anti-US slogans and wave the... Continue Reading →

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