And so it begins: US Attack on Yemen

[It appears in our short absence the US has engaged in direct, open missile strikes in Yemen.  Yemen has been under covert American attack for years. Where drones circle the skies waiting to rain death on life. However, this skirmish is different. Already the Pentagon is talking about standing tough, and further engagements. Let's hope... Continue Reading →


Aden’s overwhelmed hospitals turn into hospices

[Yet more tragedy caused by the interference of the imperialists in Yemen. "We must oppose foreign intervention in Yemen, especially by Empire. We must denounce the militarist policies of Empire, especially the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia and its Islamic State and Al Qaeda allies who are using genocide and sectarianism to destroy the... Continue Reading →

Yemen parliament bans drone attacks

[The USA has been waging a secret bombing war in Yeman, killing thousands of civilians. The US has blacklisted and encouraged the imprisonment of those reporters who report on the human rights abuses by the USA there. It is a secret, dirty war that needs to be exposed. The popular outcry against the mass death... Continue Reading →

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