US-Trained Troops Shoot Honduran Students Protesting Privatization

[Honduran troops recently shot several students on a university campus who were protesting the privatization of healthcare and education that is taking place under the presidency of Juan Orlando Hernández. Fortunately, none of the students were killed, but some are still in the hospital. In Honduras, a country that suffers from rampant corruption, a majority... Continue Reading →

No conflict seen in US, China influence in Latin America

[One big happy Empire.. for the First World and its allies. The reason there is little inter-imperialist conflict is because all the economies are so integrated today through transnational capital. -- NP] BEIJING (AP) — Costa Rica's foreign minister said Friday he sees no conflict between the U.S.'s longstanding ties with Latin America and China's... Continue Reading →

Honduras leftist disputes Sunday vote count, supporters march on streets

[There was a US-backed military coup against the previous president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. The military regime of Honduras is one that serves imperialism. -- NP] Honduras leftist disputes Sunday vote count, supporters march on streets By Gabriel Stargardter and Gustavo Palencia TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) - Leftist Honduran presidential candidate Xiomara Castro refused on Monday to... Continue Reading →

Effort to clean up Honduras police force stalls

[US-back deathsquad states terrorize the people of Latin America. So what's new? -- NP] Effort to clean up Honduras police force stalls TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — In the midst of a scandal over the police shooting of a university president's son, the government of Honduras launched an unprecedented effort last year to clean up a... Continue Reading →

Honduran police accused as death squads

  [The United States has a long history of terrorizing the masses of Latin America. --NP] Honduran police accused as death squads By ALBERTO ARCE TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — At least five times in the last few months, members of a Honduras street gang were killed or went missing just after run-ins with the U.S.-supported... Continue Reading →

Hunt for trafficker terrorizes Honduran villagers

[Whether the United States military personell were involved or not, the United States is responsible for the violence in Honduras. The entire history of Latin America is a history of atrocities and exploitation inflicted by the United States against the poor peoples of the hemisphere. The poverty and maldevelopment there are a result of centuries... Continue Reading →

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