Argentine leader claims Falklands a NATO nuclear base

[We must oppose all attempts by the imperialists to expand their abilities to threaten the world with nuclear destruction. --NP] Argentine leader claims Falklands a NATO nuclear base Buenos Aires (AFP) - Argentine President Cristina Kirchner claimed Wednesday that the Falkland Islands serve as a nuclear base for the NATO alliance in the South Atlantic.... Continue Reading →

Reporter remembers fear in Videla’s Argentina

[The United States supported, armed, finances, trained, etc. military juntas all over Latin America. Ex-dictator of the Argentina just died in prison. Dead bodies, torture and the disappeared are a  legacy he shares with Uncle Sam. --NP] Reporter remembers fear in Videla's Argentina BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — It was just about a day after... Continue Reading →

Ex-Ford execs charged in Argentine torture cases

[It is no surprise that Ford executives worked closely with deathsquad juntas in Latin American. After all, Ford worked with Hitler's regime. Ford had personal ties to fascists in Europe. He funded anti-Semitic publications in the United States. Click here to read more. Ford was not that different than many industrialists of his day in... Continue Reading →

Ex-Argentine dictator convicted in baby thefts

[The United States financed, trained, and armed the fascist dictatorship in Argentina. -- New Power] Ex-Argentine dictator convicted in baby thefts (AP) BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla was convicted and sentenced to 50 years Thursday for executing a systematic plan to steal babies from prisoners who were kidnapped, tortured... Continue Reading →

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