Prayer for rain, water rations: Catalonia struggles with drought

["Are you there God? It's me, your Comrade." As the climate crisis begins to catch up with us, is the Divine the only thing that can save us? There is no political program currently in power with the ability or willingness to stop the destruction of our Mother Earth. The Imperialist-Capitalist system has been handed... Continue Reading →

OP-ed | Climate Change and Capitalism

By Klaus Markstein The environment and climate change have always been of great interest to the LLCO. We serve the planet and the natural environment just as much as we serve the people of this earth. In doing so, we look critically at the theory of productive forces brought forward by previous socialist experiments that... Continue Reading →

Yemen’s future conflicts will be over water

[ The following article examines water shortages in Yemen in light of climate change and the ongoing war there. As is typical in capitalist media, the article pins blame on Yemen’s anti-imperialist rebel forces known as the “Houthis” as the main source of conflict in the country, ignoring the role of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition,... Continue Reading →

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