Bangladesh arrests 12 suspected al Qaeda militants, weapons found

[Al-Qaeda launched its South Asian branch last September, saying it would take its fight to Myanmar, Bangladesh and India. Make no mistake about what this means: We as Leading Lights are in a direct conflict with these religious extremists for the support of the people on the Indian subcontinent. They offer a future of medieval... Continue Reading →


Four police officers killed when thousands protest police brutality in China

[Police brutality is a global phenomenon. Capitalists requires the police to defend their power and wealth. Police are the front-line soldiers of capitalism. And, even though China has a red flag, it is thoroughly capitalist. The recent protests in the United States against police brutality are rather tame by comparison to the protests in China.... Continue Reading →

It is right to fuck the police!

"Cops put a hurtin' on your ass, man, you know, they really degrade you. White folks don't believe that shit, they don't believe that cops degrade you. [Imitating white person] 'Oh come on, those people, those people are resisting arrest.'" - Eazy E, 1991. In response to the most recent examples of police brutality.  The... Continue Reading →

Rights group: Police torture in Philippines rife

[Human rights is a joke under capitalism - NP] MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Amnesty International said Thursday that five years after the Philippines passed a law criminalizing torture, the practice continues, with an overstretched police force resorting to "shortcuts" to extract confessions from criminal suspects. The Philippine National Police has acknowledged violations persist but stressed... Continue Reading →

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