Russia questions US push to form ‘Arab NATO’

[It is no secret that Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf monarchies, and [post-Nasserist] Egypt are NATO-aligned client states which assist in carrying out U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, along with Israel. Sitting on top of an extraordinary amount of oil wealth, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in particular, assists the U.S. in plundering... Continue Reading →

Amnesty slams plan for ‘tests’ to ban gays from Gulf

[While the West claims to advance tolerant liberalism in Syria, its closest allies seek to make non-heterosexuality a crime.  This just shows how US policy is not shaped by any real concern for human rights. Rather, imperial interest shapes US policy. -- NP] Amnesty slams plan for 'tests' to ban gays from Gulf Dubai (AFP)... Continue Reading →

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