Hezbollah blames Saudi Arabia for spread of extremism

[The spread of extremism can not just be blamed on Saudi Arabia.  The legacy of European colonialism and western imperialism in the region certainly helps to create the fertile ground where these archaic ideologies can flourish. -Uziel] BEIRUT (AP) — The leader of Lebanon's militant Hezbollah group launched his harshest criticism yet of Saudi Arabia... Continue Reading →

Hezbollah says it is fighting IS in Iraq

Beirut (AFP) - Lebanon's Shiite movement Hezbollah is fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq, its chief Hassan Nasrallah revealed for the first time Monday in a speech beamed to supporters. "We may not have spoken about Iraq before, but we have a limited presence because of the sensitive phase that Iraq is going through,"... Continue Reading →

Israel bombs Hezbollah post in east Lebanon

[Israel is a racist apartheid state. Israel has been waging a genocide against the Palestinians since its beginning. Israel has also waged non-stop war against its other neighbors. All of this aggression is financed by the USA and other imperialist powers. Israel is an imperial puppet with little interest in peace. --NP] Israel bombs Hezbollah... Continue Reading →

Hezbollah: Syria to supply weapons to militia

Hezbollah: Syria to supply weapons to militia By BARBARA SURK BEIRUT (AP) — Syria will supply "game-changing" weapons to Hezbollah, the chief of the Lebanese militia said defiantly on Thursday, just days after Israeli airstrikes on Damascus targeted shipments of advanced Iranian weapons possibly bound for the group. "Syria will give the resistance special weapons... Continue Reading →

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