Combat Personal Narratives

Combat Personal Narratives --by Dylano ( “As we Chinese Communists, who base all our actions on the highest interests of the broadest masses of the Chinese people and who are fully convinced of the justice of our cause, never balk at any personal sacrifice and are ready at all times to give our lives for... Continue Reading →


The Nerfed World

The Nerfed World A spoken word ( The First Worldists want a safe, comfortable world. They want a world where they have driven everything real away. They want coffee without caffeine. They want near beer. They want revolution without revolution, without violence. They want pads, cushions on everything, even the human soul. No sharp edges,... Continue Reading →

Tumblr: Where First Worlders are the real victims

The graphic has some political errors, but it still makes an important point. First Worldism takes many forms: identity politics, bourgeois feminism, bourgeois gender activism, lifestyle politics, etc. Don't be fooled by opportunists and liberals. Serve the people. Serve the land. Stand with the truly oppressed. Stand with the Proletarian World. - New Power

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