Speedboats & Helicopter Assault: Iran Shows Footage of British Tanker Seizure

[In response to the seizure of an Iranian oil tanker near the Strait of Gibraltar by British forces, Iran has seized two British oil tankers, one of which has already been released. The one currently being held, the Stena Impero, is British-flagged, and Iran claims that the tanker failed to observe international maritime regulations in... Continue Reading →


Ukrainian Military Attacks on Donbass Civilians Have Increased Under Zelensky

[Since the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, took office, Ukrainian military attacks against civilians in the Donbass region have increased in intensity. Although there has been routine shelling of civilian areas ever since the armed conflict started in 2014 following the Western-backed Euromaidan coup in Ukraine and the secession of its eastern regions, people... Continue Reading →

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