Elizabeth Warren Endorses Trump’s Economic War on Venezuela, then Soft-Pedals Far-Right Bolivia Coup

[Elizabeth Warren’s statements regarding her support for economic sanctions against Venezuela, her support for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó along with her calls for “regime change” there, and her whitewashing of the recent coup in Bolivia against Evo Morales clearly demonstrate her right-wing, pro-imperialist politics despite her progressive veneer. Elizabeth Warren serves as yet another... Continue Reading →

Bolivia’s coup: Morales toppled not due to his failures, but due to his success

[It is clearly evident that foreign governments played a role in the recent coup d'etat. It should also be obvious at this point in history that natural resources were the crux of the equation. So as Bolivia becomes the latest victim in a string of recent US backed regime change operations, we are reminded that... Continue Reading →

Bolivia expropriates Spanish energy subsidiaries

[We do not consider the Bolivian regime to be socialist. Rather, it is a patriotic bourgeois regime. In places where the patriotic pole of the national bourgeoisie is weak, the patriotic pole of the bourgeoisie often makes an alliance with poor peoples in order to counter the imperialists and compradors. Thus patriotic bourgeois regimes can... Continue Reading →

Che’s last moments, scenes from a documentary

Che was an important communist leader from Latin America. He was murdered by the CIA in Bolivia on Octoer 9, 197. Che died before the full implications of great polemic between the Maoists and revisionists had fully unfolded. Che would have probably aligned more forcefully against the revisionists had he lived another decade. Even though... Continue Reading →

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