New Power Monthly Edition, Episode #1

New Power Monthly Edition, Episode #1 ( The Communications Department of the LLCO is proud to introduce the pilot episode of The New Power Monthly Edition, a monthly video magazine featuring global news analysis from a Leading Light Communist perspective, and interviews with those reporting on current issues facing the Global United Front against... Continue Reading →


Carter says Russia, China potentially threaten global order

[The Defense Secretary of the only country guilty of using atomic weapons on people is pointing the finger at Russia for "nuclear saber-rattling."  In fact all of the statements by Carter cited in this article are laughable, especially coming from a spokesman for the world's top imperialist offender.  It is almost like an extreme case... Continue Reading →

Putin Disses Lenin

[Many revisionists confuse Russian imperialism and socialism. Some of these revisionists see Putin's authoritarianism and Russian nationalism as anti-imperialism or even socialism, the reality is very different. -NP] Putin Disses Lenin BY MASHA LIPMAN (The New Yorker) As Russia’s military escalation in eastern Ukraine continued last week, Vladimir Putin found time to visit the Seliger... Continue Reading →

Short Video on History vs Lenin

[Don't agree with 100% on the part on Stalin. The video falls into liberal Trotskyist cliches without much evidence. If Stalin were put on trial, he too would be found not guilty. Leading Lights like Lenin and Stalin lived through very difficult times. They had to face challenges that few leaders ever do. They led... Continue Reading →

Kerry: US, EU will react if Crimea annexed

[The USA and EU supported the overthrow of the Ukrainian government by a coalition of liberal and fascist forces. Russia was on the other side of the conflict. Although threats are being exchanged, the conflict will not lead to military conflict. At most, sanctions will be applied against Russia. A political settlement is far more... Continue Reading →

U.S. assures Ukraine neighbor Moldova of support

[Moldova is currently at war with Transnistria. Moldova claims Transnistria as part of Moldova. However, the people of Transnistria have created their own state separate from Moldova. Transnistria has been able to secure its borders and beat back Western-backed Moldovan forces. In this conflict, Moldova is supported by the West, Transnistria's independence is not recognized. Transnistria... Continue Reading →

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