Water Crisis in India: The Oppressed must Unite against the Enemies of our Planet!

[Water is key to life! Without fresh water we are doomed! Through pollution, climate change, and over-consumption, fresh water is becoming more and more scarce.  In the article below we can see how the oppressed in India have mistakenly turned against each other in the fight for water. It is important that the oppressed maintain... Continue Reading →

Southern Sudan becomes a new country: what does this mean?

Southern Sudan becomes a new country: what does this mean? by Cherokeetears (new-power.org) Tonight at midnight, Southern Sudan will become its own country. This comes after decades of Civil War between the North and South. After a peace agreement in 2005, efforts began to decide whether Southern Sudan would become its own country, and after... Continue Reading →

Reflections on the 4th (Reich) of July

Reflections on the 4th (Reich) of July by Cherokeetears (new-power.org) Parades, fireworks, songs, and Empire. As the fourth of July ends for this year, it is important to reflect on the nature of the holiday, the country it represents, and the legacy that such an event leaves on the minds of bourgeoise nationalist First Worldists today.... Continue Reading →

Lagarde: the new face of the IMF IMF appoints new managing director by Cherokeetears Christine Lagarde, finance minister of France, was voted in as the new managing director to the IMF today. 1 She will be the first woman ever appointed to the position, after Dominique Strauss-Kahn's resignation due to allegations of sexual assault by... Continue Reading →

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