Pakistan heat wave eases after more than 1,150 die

[While global climate change will impact all of humanity, it is clear that those who will suffer the most live in the third world.  Under capitalism, the poor have always been made to suffer for the decadence and gluttony of the rich.  This extreme case is yet another tragic example of how the gross excess... Continue Reading →

Pope’s Environment Encyclical: Francis Urges Revolution to Save Earth

[As Leading Lights, the protection and preservation of the environment has always been one of our highest priorities. While Pope Francis' definition of revolution certainly differs from ours, this still comes as welcome news.  As the leader of one of the world's largest religions, the Pope commands a great deal of influence, especially in many... Continue Reading →

Antarctica is basically liquefying

by John Light ( Antarctica’s icy edges are melting 70 percent faster in some places than they were a decade ago, according to a new study in the journal Science. These massive ice shelves serve as a buffer between the continent’s ice-sheet system and the ocean. As they disintegrate, more and more ice will slip... Continue Reading →

Time running out for wild elephants say experts

[Capitalism creates and sustains the market for ivory jewelry, resulting in the potential extinction of one of Earth's most majestic creatures. As Leading Lights, we are obligated to care for the Earth and all its inhabitants. These vulnerable species must be protected. -Uziel] Kasane (Botswana) (AFP) - African elephants could be extinct in the wild... Continue Reading →

Poor farmers bear heavy burden from increased natural disasters

[Capitalism and Imperialism are directly responsible for the maldevelopment that cause these natural disasters to disproportionately affect poor peoples.  It is also quite possible that the misuse of our environment by the capitalist-imperialists is changing the Earth's climate, causing these phenomena to become more severe and more frequent. -Uziel] ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Economic... Continue Reading →

NASA detects massive deforestation in Malaysia during 1st quarter 2014

( The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has detected a surge in deforestation in Malaysia over the first quarter of 2014. The agency's satellite-based Quarterly Indicator of Cover Change (QUICC) recorded an alarming increase of 150% in the number of deforestation signals in Malaysia relative to a five-year baseline. The increase is second only... Continue Reading →

UN weather agency: 2014 on track for hottest year

[Capitalism, unchecked consumption, is unsustainable. Capitalism is destroying the planet. - NP] LIMA, Peru (AP) — With temperature data showing 2014 currently tied for the hottest year on record, the U.N. weather agency on Wednesday rejected claims that global warming has paused. The World Meteorological Organization said the global average temperature in January-October was 0.57... Continue Reading →

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