Yemeni forces kill Blackwater commander ‘Colonel Nicholas Petros’

AhlulBayt News Agency - The commander of the infamous US security firm, formerly known as Blackwater, in Yemen and dozens of Riyadh’s mercenaries were killed Saturday in a missile attack by Yemeni forces in Lahij Province. The Yemeni military backed by fighters of the Houthi Ansarullah movement launched a Tochka ballistic missile on the al-Anad... Continue Reading →

Iran accuses Saudis of striking its Yemen embassy as tensions grow

[Saudi Arabia is another face of Empire. This criminal act shows how Empire has no regard for international law. - NP] by Greg Botelho and Schams Elwazer, CNN (CNN) Iran's government accused Saudi Arabia of "intentionally" striking its embassy in Yemen, another incident likely to ratchet up tensions between Tehran and Riyadh and imperil efforts... Continue Reading →

Aden’s overwhelmed hospitals turn into hospices

[Yet more tragedy caused by the interference of the imperialists in Yemen. "We must oppose foreign intervention in Yemen, especially by Empire. We must denounce the militarist policies of Empire, especially the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia and its Islamic State and Al Qaeda allies who are using genocide and sectarianism to destroy the... Continue Reading →

Yemen parliament bans drone attacks

[The USA has been waging a secret bombing war in Yeman, killing thousands of civilians. The US has blacklisted and encouraged the imprisonment of those reporters who report on the human rights abuses by the USA there. It is a secret, dirty war that needs to be exposed. The popular outcry against the mass death... Continue Reading →

US disappointed in Yemen journalist’s release

[So much for US support for freedom of the press. --NP] US disappointed in Yemen journalist's release CAIRO (AP) — The United States expressed disappointment Wednesday in the release of a Yemeni journalist who rights groups say was detained because of his reporting on al-Qaida and alleged U.S. complicity in attacks in Yemen. Abdelela Shayie... Continue Reading →

A Global Crime Spree — What’s NATO Ever Done?

A Global Crime Spree What’s NATO Ever Done? by JOHN LaFORGE (Source: Counterpunch) Wondering why anyone would confront NATO’s summit in Chicago this month? A look at some of its more well-known crimes might spark some indignation. Desecration of corpses, indiscriminate attacks, bombing of allied troops, torture of prisoners and unaccountable drone war are a... Continue Reading →

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