Russia: Yanukovich asked Putin to use force to save Ukraine

[Despite the overall trend away from intra-imperialist rivalry, rivalry still exists in limited ways. The recent conflicts between the Western and Russian poles of empire reflect this rivalry. Where rivalry has become most pronounced is within those areas or countries once within the Soviet sphere of influence. The Russian intervention in the conflict between S.... Continue Reading →

Leftist in Honduras presidential race says she is winner

[The US-backed military deposed the previously elected social-democratic president who was close to Chavez. It is no surprise that they aim to steal the election, preventing even mild reform of the pro-US military-police dictatorship there. -- NP] Leftist in Honduras presidential race says she is winner Tegucigalpa (AFP) - The leftist who believes she was... Continue Reading →

Colombia rebels opaque heading into talks

[Learn from history. "Without the people's army, the people have nothing." Leading Lights of the past, just as the Leading Light today, teach that revolution is not simply about changing the personnel in the government. Rather, it is about smashing the Old Power, including the old state, while simultaneously creating New Power. The current state... Continue Reading →

Hugo Chavez says he’d vote for Obama

[We have long maintained that the regime in Venezuela is not truly a socialist one. Rather it is a regime of the patriotic bourgeoisie that has played a progressive and anti-imperial role. What this means in the case of Venezuela is that it is a regime that aims at national development and social democracy, but... Continue Reading →

Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann compares slavery to todays times.

Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann compares slavery to todays times by Cherokeetears As the Tea Party continues to express the absolute worst of American nationalism and imperialism, its front-running presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann, signed a pledge from the Iowa Christian Group's "Marriage Vow." ┬áThis "Vow" acted as a pledge to "preserve the family" by banning pornography,... Continue Reading →

Kerry and McCain ringing the opening bell of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, opening the country up to even more FDI Senator John Kerry and Senator John McCain paid a visit to Egypt Sunday in order to ring the opening bell of the Egyptian Stock Exchange in Cairo. ┬áThe two, visiting on a business trip to... Continue Reading →

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