Excerpts from “If Modern Anarchists Fought in Spain” comics

[Although this comic contained some anti-communism, its critique of pseudo-militant First Worldist practice is spot on. The criticism of “modern anarchists” also applies to many of those calling themselves “communist.” The First World “left,” even in its most militant incarnations, is a joke.  Let the yappers yap, the whiners whine, the jesters jest.  The First World “left” is a total diversion from the real proletarian struggle: global people’s war of the Leading Light. Leading Lights are people’s warriors. We carry out lives on our finger tips. We live, serve, die for the people. — NP]

Excerpts from “If Modern Anarchists Fought in Spain” comics

(Source: http://rednblacksalamander.deviantart.com/#)













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  1. The funniest is the “front lines” with “trigger warning” and the “transphobic comment”. The first world “left” has degenerated into a bunch of weaklings. The whole DGR incident is a case and point. Talk about pathetic on both sides. I know that you don’t care about the antics of fw hipsters, but could you make an exception this time and say a few words?

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