Cuban Doctors Head to South Africa to Help Fight COVID-19

[Cuba has long been a leader in Socialist medicine. They were the first to eliminate mother to child HIV transmission and have long considered health care to be a right. They continue this leadership role during the Covid-19 crisis. Despite being embargoed and having limited access to international goods, most notably pharmaceuticals, the nation has sent numerous teams of experts to assist other countries in an effort to aid the fight against the virus. Cuba shows the importance of internationalism in the fight towards communism. The working class and impoverished nations must unite together in times of crises in the effort to throw off the chains of capitalism imperialism. -Terryn]

From teleSUR

A new Cuban medical brigade is scheduled to arrive in South Africa on Sunday to join another group of Cuban colleagues, who are already working in the African country to reinforce the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the framework of the solidarity cooperation offered by the island at the international level, the 24 specialized medical brigade of the Cuban internationalist contingent Henry Reeve, responded to a request from the South African government to help them during this critical time.

The group includes family physicians, epidemiologists, biostatists, health technology engineers, and biotechnology experts, among others.

Dr. Reynaldo Denis de Armas, head of the Cuban medical brigade in South Africa, explained to the Prensa Latina news agency that after a 14-day quarantine, Henry Reeve doctors will be deployed throughout the country’s nine provinces, according to the program. agreed with the South African authorities.

As of today, according to the latest official information from the South African Ministry of Health, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the nation is 4,361, while the death toll is 86.

According to a statement from the Cuban diplomatic legation in South Africa, the group of health professionals is made up of family doctors, epidemiologists, biostatists, engineers in health technology and biotechnology experts, among others.

They were carefully selected, the text explains, to guarantee a great experience and knowledge in the planning, execution and management of clinical cases, as well as the public health response.

Currently, the Cuban Medical Brigades dedicated to fighting COVID-19, with more than 1,200 Health professionals, are deployed in more than 20 countries on different continents.

The people and government of Cuba, the text emphasizes, deeply value the very special and deep friendship with the government and people of South Africa, and consider it a duty to extend solidarity and support to our brothers in this beautiful nation in this time of need.

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