Ukrainian Military Attacks on Donbass Civilians Have Increased Under Zelensky

[Since the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, took office, Ukrainian military attacks against civilians in the Donbass region have increased in intensity. Although there has been routine shelling of civilian areas ever since the armed conflict started in 2014 following the Western-backed Euromaidan coup in Ukraine and the secession of its eastern regions, people living near the front line in Donbass have been reporting an increase in the number of attacks against them. The shelling of civilians, including journalists, by the Ukrainian armed forces is not only a blatant violation of international law, but also a violation of the Minsk II agreement. Ukrainian forces have been using weapons banned under international law such as cluster bombs and white phosphorus munitions. In its imperialist ambitions to encroach upon the borders of Russia, the United States fully supports the rogue Ukrainian government and military. —Medved]

The shelling of Donbas doesn’t stop
Analytical Network News Agency

Журналисты под повторным обстрелом ВСУ на месте ранения гражданского
Patrick Lancaster

Обстрелом ВСУ сожжено 2 дома в Зайцево, ДНР.
Patrick Lancaster

They are killing us for 5 years!/ Трудовские: Они нас 5 лет убивают!
Donbass Rose

No improvement, they keep on shooting!/Никакого улучшения, они бьют и бьют!
Donbass Rose

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