Pro-Turkish Militants Eliminated a Group of Tiger Forces

[Although Syrian forces have managed, with the help of Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, to recapture most parts of the country from extremist militants, some parts of Syria remain contested. Various group of all kinds, including Turkish-backed militants, continue to lay claim to sections of Syrian territory, prolonging the violence that has plagued the country since 2011. The Syrian conflict is largely a result of US imperialist meddling, as the US has supported various terrorist groups opposed to the Assad government and has even gone so far as to attack Syrian army forces, making it clear that US imperialism is the enemy of the world’s people.  —Medved]

By Firas Samuri
5 September 2019

The situation in Idlib is still tense. On September 3, violent clashes took place on the Ajjaz axis in the eastern countryside of the province. Pro-Turkish National Liberation Front rushed to assert that the Suqour al-Sham Brigade allegedly managed to engage in fierce clashes with Russian Special Forces, who tried to cross the front line.

According to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) official representative first lieutenant Ibrahim Bilal, the information spread by the Turkish-backed radicals is different from reality. He confirmed the ongoing hostilities in the region but denied the presence of the Russian Forces.

Bilal also says that the SAA along with elite Tiger Forces are combating militants in this part of the province. Thirty-eight servicemen of the Syrian Special Forces along with two mortar gunners were killed, and five other soldiers were severally wounded in the rebel ambush. Losses among the Suqour al-Sham Brigade amounted to several dozens fighters.

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