Mansoon kills in Pakistan and India

Residents carry their belongings through a flooded road in Risalpur in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province[As we have said many times, “natural” disasters are not entirely natural. They are a result of poor development. They are a result of centuries of neglect resulting from imperialism, capitalism, and feudalism. There is no reason that anyone should die from “natural” disasters anymore. The social planning and technology exists to prevent any deaths from the weather. However, as long as profits are valued more than people, people will continue to die. Capitalism means more and more death. Only revolution is the answer. –NP]

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A government official in Pakistan says 110 people have been killed across the country in heavy monsoon downpours and flooding as more rain is forecast for the coming days. Ahmad Kamal, a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Authority, said Saturday that 61 people died in the eastern Punjab province since Thursday. He said another 38 people died in the Pakistan’s portion of Kashmir and 11 died in northern Gilgit Baltistan province.

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