Armed & Bailed: US ‘Blackwater’ mercs pay crimes with fines

A recent report from Russia Today states:

“Department of Justice is letting a contractor away with a fine despite it being charged with arms smuggling and other crimes. The group formerly known as Blackwater must now fork out over seven and a half million dollars to avoid criminal prosecution.”

Although the Russia Today report makes various questionable assumptions, it is important to note recent shifts within the global bourgeoisie, especially the corporatization of the state, especially its war machine. The outsourcing of war to private contractors gives the imperialists the ability to further hide their crimes against humanity. In the First World, the struggle between social-democratic imperialism versus neoliberal imperialism is not an antagonistic contradiction. It represents two sides of the global bourgeoisie slugging it out. It represents two configurations of global capitalism, each of which represents different segments of the global bourgeoisie, two different survival strategies for global capitalism, two different forms that class war by the global bourgeoisie against the global proletariat can take. Those who want more information on the neoliberal offensive against the poor peoples over the last half century should read Klein’s The Shock Doctrine alongside the review by the Leading Light Communist Organization here.

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