Che’s last moments, scenes from a documentary

Che was an important communist leader from Latin America. He was murdered by the CIA in Bolivia on Octoer 9, 197. Che died before the full implications of great polemic between the Maoists and revisionists had fully unfolded. Che would have probably aligned more forcefully against the revisionists had he lived another decade. Even though Che’s actions were not always the best, he was a great hero who stood against “the beast,” US imperialism.  He stood for communism.

We have accepted the ultimate challenge. We who walk this road are heroes, as Che was. When we look at Che, we see ourselves there. We see one of the best examples of humanity, an example that is flawed nonetheless. Look inside your hearts and minds. Those who are really walking with us know how difficult it is.

We will all fall one day, as Che did. We are linked by an unbreakable, invisible bond. Liked to El Che, linked to each other, we are sisters, brothers, comrades. Linked by our hearts, by our loyalty and dedication. We are linked by our minds, by the highest, most advanced, revolutionary science to date. We are led by the Leading Light.

Our enemies usually attack leadership first. We must educate ourselves. We must steel ourselves. We must always advance ourselves. We must be ready to step up when our leaders fall. We must all be leaders, true Leading Lights.

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