Kerry and McCain ringing the opening bell of the Egyptian
Stock Exchange, opening the country up to even more FDI

Senator John Kerry and Senator John McCain paid a visit to Egypt Sunday in order to ring the opening bell of the Egyptian Stock Exchange in Cairo.  The two, visiting on a business trip to see the opening of the Stock Exchange, received an assurance from Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, leader of Egypt’s military security council, that political power in Egypt would be transferred to an “elected government.”  The two senators expressed concern that they would like to see Egypt become a “free and democratic country.”1  One imperialist puppet being replaced by another is not a “revolution,” and the reactionary and astroturf nature of the “Arab Spring” will not bring self-determination to the Third World masses, and the opening of the stock exchange and the promise of a liberal bourgeoise puppet government will not benefit the people, who can only be hurt by the aftermath of the Egyptian revolt.

   The façade of a “popular” government can be seen through; the Prime Minister and other parliamentary groups are attempting to delay any election because of the threat of the strength of “Islamist” groups and the possibility that Islamists would come to power2, something that wouldn’t show promise for the US or their imperialist puppets.  The US interest in the Egyptian situation is one of economic “interdependence” and political “stability.”  Egypt being a lackey of the United States is a ticket to controlling the Middle East.  Together with Saudi Arabia and Israel, Egypt will continue to follow the US control – even with Mubarak out of the picture.  Some revolution huh?

   The two senators suggested increased “economic cooperation,” a term which really means opening markets and exploiting Egyptian impoverished to provide for an American service industry that simply reflects unproductive labor without adding surplus value.  “Economic cooperation” will mean cheap products for the mall economy at the cost of underdevelopment and impoverishment resulting from the exploitation of the Egyptian masses.

   Anybody who views the Arab Spring as a positive revolution is simply supporting opportunism and social imperialism.  The military acted on behalf of the US throughout the entire protest.  The military is US funded and supported, as was Mubarak, and the newly “elected” government will be as well.  Imperialism is the order of the day for the country of Egypt.  The masses will once again be oppressed by First World interference.  McCain says “the success and failure of the revolution in this part of the Arab world will be directly related to the ability of providing investments and jobs for the Egyptian people”3. What he really means is that “revolution” will only be successful for the United States if Egypt continues to open itself up to Foreign Direct Investment.  The astroturf “Arab Spring” will only be successful if imperialism is allowed to remain and grow further entangled in Egyptian political/economic life.

   Kerry follows McCain in his belief that the best option for Egypt is to open up to imperialism to “change the region” and make the way for a “better future.”  A “better” future full of exploitation, imperialism, and American power? Maybe.  A better future for the Egyptian masses or the workers of the Third World?  I think not.

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