Hugo Chavez says he’d vote for Obama

[We have long maintained that the regime in Venezuela is not truly a socialist one. Rather it is a regime of the patriotic bourgeoisie that has played a progressive and anti-imperial role. What this means in the case of Venezuela is that it is a regime that aims at national development and social democracy, but... Continue Reading →

We are not going back to jungle: Ram Bahadur Thapa

[Recently, there was another "left" split in the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), CPN(M), is said to have formed as a response to reformism and electoralism of the UCPN(M). However, it is unclear that the political line of the CPN(M) is any less reformist. Recent statements by the... Continue Reading →

Chinese state quashes leftist websites

Chinese state quashes leftist websites ( China abandoned its revolutionary principles in the 1970s. China has long since reverted back to capitalism. Recently, the Chinese state has attacked several leftist and Maoist websites in order to quash political dissent. There has been a growing revival of revolutionary ideas in China.  This is yet more evidence... Continue Reading →

Uphold the united front from attacks by fake leftists

Uphold the united front from attacks by fake leftists by cherokeetears ( There are those who say that it is acceptable to support imperialism on some occasions. This opportunism has plagued revolutionary politics since their inception. From the anarchists of Marx, to the social-imperialists of Lenin, and through the capitalist roaders of Mao’s China, every... Continue Reading →

Prachanda says New Democracy isn’t possible

Prachanda says New Democracy isn’t possible ( It is being reported that chairman Prachanda of the UCPN(Maoist) has now stated that New Democracy is not possible in Nepal. He justified this by stating: “Things have undergone a sea change since the launch of the people´s war in 1996. We therefore have to adopt the policy... Continue Reading →

Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son, exposes psy-war lie

Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son, exposes psy-war lie ( For the last week, there have been several reports that Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, had been captured. This was reported by across the mainstream media worldwide. Again and again, the media reported the words of NATO-backed “rebel” Mustafa Abd El Jalil: “We have confirmed... Continue Reading →

First Worldism is social fascism

First Worldism is Social Fascism by ModernMarxist There is a reason why Third Worldists refer to First Worldists as "social fascists". We are living in a day and age where imperialism has advanced capitalist centralization of wealth on a global level. The rich countries rape, plunder, pillage, impoverish and enslave the poor countries, coercing and... Continue Reading →

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