Maoists had enough with Communism, now say Nepal to go capitalist


[We at LLCO were the first to really call out the revisionism in Nepal’s Maoist movement and Prachanda Path. We told you so. While all kinds of fake communists failed to call them out, we took the correct line. That is what scientific thinking is, willingness to use revolutionary science, Leading Light Communism, even when it is unpopular. All the fan boy revisionists (most claiming Maoism of one kind or antoher) justified the revisionism as tactical, we looked at what they were actually saying and what they were actually doing on the ground: disarming and reversing the New Power. This is why it is so important to put revolutionary science, Leading Light Communism in command. Bad leaders, bad organization, bad science, bad political line destroy movements. We hope a real Leading Light Communist Movement arises in Nepal to sweep away revisionism, feudalism and capitalism — NP]

Maoists had enough with Communism, now say Nepal to go capitalist

by Kalpit Parajuli


A spokesperson for the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist makes the announcement at the party’s convention. Delegates from foreign Communist parties cannot hide their surprise. Nepal’s geopolitical situation required an economic revolution.  Kathmandu (AsiaNews) –

Nepal is leaving Communism behind in favour of capitalism, this according to Agni Sapkota, spokesperson for the ruling Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist.  “The global context and our local geo-political reality shows that socialism and communism will not benefit the country,” he told the party’s seventh convention. With this in mind, Maoists will now undertake a “peaceful transformation”.  At the first convention in 21 years, the party re-elected Pushpa Kamal Dahal as its chairman. In accepting his nomination, he called on party officials “to fight together to boost the country’s economy and bring prosperity to the poor.”  Delegates from foreign Communist parties welcomed the decision to undergo a “peaceful transformation” and give up extremist Maoist positions. However, many also voiced surprise at the party’s decision to go capitalist.

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